What Does Dedicated Server Hosting Mean?

A web server stores files for website owners and uses its equipment to help keep a website online so visitors can view it. Dedicated server hosting uses Hypertext Transfer Protocol, http as it is commonly referred to, to transfer information when a web viewer types in a website to their browser. It, therefore, is important to have a server host who can contain this information and get a website visitor to their site quicker.

The most frequently used server on the web is Apache. Apache enjoys a market share of approximately sixty percent of the market for web servers. The next largest is the Internet Information Services, which was designed by Microsoft. This second largest web server was originally designed to only work with Microsoft products but can also support some other software as well.

Website visitors normally just type the website into the browsing window but don’t really know how they get to the site. The web server helps connect the user to the site using the latest technology.

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