FTP and Joomla Hosting

FTP is a system based on transferring files from one computer to another, via an established network. This function is useful for many reasons; it allows for fast backup and storage onto another computer, along with easily accessible files that you have requested and the transferring of data from one account to another account.

Along with Joomla hosting, cPanel supplies FTP as one of its many features; its combination of a graphic user interface and the ability to transfer files across a widespread network, makes the combination appropriate for handling multiple tasks at any given time. The process requires simply dragging and dropping the appropriate files into your desired location, making its destination clear to the user in case of further reference.

FTP can also be used as a web browser, this allows for transfers to be processed online from one network source to another. This is generally faster than through a typical web browser and allows for easier browsing of large directories.

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