Common Linux Hosting Myths

If you are considering hosting on a Linux server, you may be confused about some of the things you have heard and read. There are misconceptions about Linux hosting that may hinder you from choosing a Linux solution.

You do not necessarily need to learn to program in Linux to use it. Most hosting companies will have some kind of user interface to help them with website administration. Some people may decide to learn the language anyway, and that is fine. Just remember, you don’t have to know how to program Linux to use it any more than you have to know how to program Windows to use it.

Yes, you can still use your Windows computer to administer your Linux site. You can still email, use FTP, and access your files exactly like you would on any other site. You can’t tell a site that is hosted on a Linux server from one that is hosted on a Windows server when you are surfing the web. They both deliver the information in the same way.


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